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Hello, everybody, and thanks to you all for the amazing support I am receiving as RRBC’s March 2022 “SPOTLIGHT” Author!

I have to get something off my chest today.

For the first time in my life, I feel ashamed of the stance my government is taking regarding the refugees from Ukraine. We have taken in so few of them to date, and yet almost every day, asylum-seekers from many other parts of the world arrive at our shores in rubber dinghies and are taken in.

Today sees the U.K. issuing 700 visas for the refugees, however it is taking far too long to process them and bring these poor souls into Britain. My heart aches for these people. Poland and surrounding countries in Europe are taking them in by the thousands.

I appreciate the fact that we are a small island, but in my opinion, we are failing these innocent people.

Thank you for bearing with me as I shared my thoughts for today.  What do you feel about the support refugees are getting from around the world?  Do share your own thoughts down below. 

I hope to see you again soon!


39 thoughts on “#Ashamed @JoyGerken @RRBC_Org @4WillsPub @4WP11 #RRBC #Ukraine #England #4WillsPub

  1. Joy,

    I really like your new blog. I am just getting mine up and running, so I haven’t figured out re-blogging yet. Hopefully I will be up to speed soon.

    I totally understand your frustration with your government. I’ve had concerns about severally issues here too. It is a helpless feeling sitting back and watching the horrors unfold. I pray daily for the people of Ukraine.

    I’ll drop back by soon! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Joy York

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    1. Hi Joy, yes I understand we started about the same time with our new blog life. Don’t worry I am most confused about it and learning each day. Nonnie will be there for us as she was for me. I missed the time slot because I did not see the zoom invite.But lovely Micah,has sent me plenty of information.
      I am glad too that you feel much the same as me regards the Ukraine matter. Let’s hope the situation quickly improves.


  2. Though the US has instigated sanctions, sent missiles and small arms, I think we could do more. We have the capacity to be energy independent and think we should do this. About all I can do is improve my tiny corner of the world and contribute to organizations that are working to ease the plight of refugees.

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    1. Yes Harriet,thanks for your reply to my rant. I was so upset about the fact we do not appear to be taking many folk in.I have given to the cause by way of money and hubby and me have put our names down to take folk into our home from the Ukraine.

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  3. Joy, Do you live in England? I agree–these refugees deserve solace. Here in the U.S., it doesn’t seem like a statement has been made about how many we will accept, but I have read that some have already been taken in, most likely by charitable organizations. I don’t directly watch the news, but I get it from many places. The sights and sounds are too much for me. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be in the shoes of a Ukrainian refugee. Take care, Joy, and congratulations on your new blog! -Pamela

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  4. HI JOy, I can’t comment on what other governments do with regards to the Russia/Ukraine situation, especially since the South African government is also making so weird decisions, but I do share your pain at the entire horrible situation. Hugs.

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    1. Thanks Robbie. I so hope this terrible happening soon ceases. What kind of man is Valdimir Putin. I find it hard to believe that there are human beings in the world without compassion for their fellow man.


  5. Joy, I echo John’s frustration about someone taking down the madman. He’s jailing the dissenters in his country and calls it a cleansing. The Russian people are NOT behind this, but they pay a heavy price for speaking out against it. I doubt the people who feel as you do are a minority in GB, and I wonder if the media isn’t presenting the hype more than the reality, in which case you have nothing to be ashamed of. Just as here in the States, people are giving what they can and doing whatever they can to send aid to the refugees and the countries giving them shelter. You are not responsible for the leadership in your country. Those in government play by their own rules. We can make a difference on a smaller, more grassroots level, human reaching out to human and sending aid the best we can.

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    1. Yes, you are so right,Pattie.I still cannot justify taking in all the folk coming to our shores from Calais.{those from various parts of the world] and not those from Ukriane. Appalling in my opinion.

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  6. Thanks to all of you who have dropped by to leave such thoughtful comments on Joy’s first post! She is going to be overwhelmed with “joy” when she wakes up tonight to find all this love from you.

    This IS what we do at RRBC!

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  7. I don’t think it’s going to stop at Ukraine. Back in the 90s, many of the small countries around Russia’s border used to be a part of Russia…Putin will also want to reannex them next. When somebody who has lost their mind is at the helm, it wouldn’t surprise me that Russia will want Alaska back, too. It breaks my heart that we are all forced to watch because getting physically involved as a country will start another world war involving biological and nuclear weapons. Times like this will force us back to those days in the 50s again…I’ll begin scheduling daily practice sessions where I sit under my desk and cover my head with my arms like we used to because of Russian threats. Where are the assassins when needed…

    Sorry Joy, a little off target, but I fully agree with you. What does history say about GB and refugees?

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    1. John, I often think of you (and my other friends who are current and ex-military) during times like these, and I wonder if these events might be triggering for you? If they are, I’m so sorry that you’re having to live through thoughts of the possibility of what could be. You and other soldiers, past and present, know all too well what’s happening over in Ukraine right now.

      I was brought to tears the other day while watching CNN, and I think this guy was an ex-soldier or in the reserves (I can’t remember), but the heading of the piece was “THOUSANDS OF U.S. SOLDIERS HEAD OVER TO HELP UKRAINE.” The thought that these men and women were going over on their own to help fight Russia, made me feel so much pride in being an American! I thought, WOW! They are taking up arms without even being assigned to do so.

      This is just another one of those moments where I am humbled to be in your presence, John, as well as the presence of others who have fought, and are fighting daily, for us to live freely in this country.

      I can never say it enough: Thank you, dear friend, for your service!

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      1. Well said Nonnie,I believe a few of our menfolk have done the same as yours in America.Hats off to them for their amazing courage in helping a country being besieged.
        John, I know you must be experiencing mixed emotions right now.Your service to your country,fighting a war that could never be won was the most pointless.And to think how many lives were either lost or destroyed in the fray is unthinkable.Good for you John.I have read one of your books of the time in Vietnam and have yet to read others.And I most certainly will.

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      2. Nonnie, you’re making a grown man blush! Thank you for all your praise. As for triggers, I’ve been through multiple group ‘rap’ sessions over the last 50 years and have learned how to ‘manage’ those activities and events that may trigger a flashback or anxious feelings, and if it snuck past the gatekeeper, I’d meet it head-on and then take a few moments to refocus myself and get on with life. It has been a tough ride, though.!


    2. Hi John.In the past it’s my belief that we have always taken a few. But not nearly as many as the european countries and the U.S. have done.I know exactly what you mean,none of us want to plunged into WW3.Lets hope the aggressor is pushed into common sense before it is to late.

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  8. Joy, as people in our countries complain about every tiny thing in their lives, it’s heartbreaking that they cannot understand what those in other countries are suffering from. As we pull up the covers and go to sleep in our warm, snug beds and take our showers and eat our meals, we need to remember that we are citizens of the world. The situation in Ukraine reminds me of 1956 when the then-Soviet Union invaded Hungary. That’s when I first started keeping up with world news. I was not quite eight years old. I cried every night when I saw the Hungarian refugees walking with only the clothes on their backs and little satchels. I have never forgotten that. Years later, I met one of the children who was part of that exodus–she was an adult then. I couldn’t even imagine what her life had been like. We all have so much to share. Let’s do it.

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    1. You are so right Wanda. When the vietnamese boat people [mainly children came to England,My day was involved in teaching them. His passion for others has been passed onto me.And we will take refugees from the Ukraine into our home given the opportunity.

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  9. Wonderful site, Joy? This is such a sad and unnecessary war brought on by a narcissistic tyrant. I pray for Ukraine and the world, and I look forward to more of your opinions on world affairs.

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  10. Joy, it’s really hard for me to express how I feel about the situation. It angers me everytime Putin drops a missile on a city. To me that is a cowards way of trying to win something he started. But I’m not surprised at your government. Does parliament have a track record of helping another country this way? I don’t know. All I know is what I have been seeing from the British tabloids and I’m not getting a good impression.

    My country is sending billions in aid and weapons. We still are wrestling with immigration in the country so not sure if we are taking in more now. I’m disappointed in how we have been handling the situation for years. Big money rules over here.

    I’m doing what I can to make the changes we need at the local level.

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    1. Shirley,I personally feel we have a lot to learn from Poland and surrounding countries that are doing so much to give refuge to the Ukrainian people.As I understand it we are sending arms and money.Just not taking many Ukrainian people.But we do take in every assylum seeker coming over the channel in dangerous dingies.Many have lost their lives,travelling this way. When they reach our shores they are allowed to apply to stay. Many do not succeed as they have little to offer in way of jobs.Sadly they are kept for long periods in enclosed surroundings and many are sent back to where they came from.Britain is multi-cultural particularly in the cities,London,Birmingham,Solford and many more.I do believe we could,and should do more.I will keep you all informed as to what happens as the days go by.

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  11. Joy, my heart bleeds for everything that’s happening in Ukraine and outside of Ukraine due to this senseless war brought on by a mad man. I’ve cried daily to the point that I’m staying away from my television for a bit, just to lift my spirits. How can you not feel something when you see mothers crying because the safety of their children’s lives are being threatened? How can you not feel something, when you see grown men in tears because they have to send their children and wives away, without even knowing when or if they will ever see them again? How can your heart not break for these people?

    I don’t want to be in the midst of any war, let alone a nuclear one, which is on the horizon if we send troops over, but at this point, I just want to send the help these people need to win and take back their homes, and if that means sending a rocket directly at Putin’s head, I say go for it. Better yet, give me his address!

    I’m sad about all of this, but I’m angry, too.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic. I enjoyed and appreciated it – it gave me the opportunity to get mine out, as well. I look forward to more of your thoughts!

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    1. Thanks so much Nonnie.I fear I have to speak up when my own country is getting it wrong.Fortunately we are both in civilisations that allow that freedom of speech.I wouldn’t have survived long had I been born in Russia or other dictatorial states.


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