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I want to share some facts and details about the current world pandemic and the need for us all to be vaccinated.  It’s time to separate fact from fiction.

The comments below were taken from health care professional journals.  My personal views concur; even though restrictions in many countries are relaxing, if you are older and have any existing health conditions, it is wise to carry on with protecting yourself as much as possible.

MYTH – The ingredients in the vaccines are dangerous.

FACT – Nearly all ingredients in COVID-19 vaccines are also found in many foods (fats, sugars, and salts).

The Johnson and Johnson/Jensen Vaccine contains a harmless version of a virus unrelated to the one that causes COVID-19. These give instructions to the cells in our body to create an immune response which helps the prevention of becoming sick with COVID-19 in the future. After our bodies produce an immune response, it discards vaccine ingredients just as it does with any information our cells no longer need.  This process is part of normal bodily functions.

MYTH – The natural immunity gained from catching COVID-19 is better than immunity from vaccination.

FACT – Vaccination is a safer and more dependable way to build immunity to COVID-19 than getting sick with it.

The vaccine causes a more predictable immune response than the infection; it gives a higher level of protection and provides added protection to those who have already had the infection.

  • One study shows those who had COVID-19 and don’t get vaccinated after recovery, are more than 2 times likely to get it again than those who have been vaccinated.
  • For people who recover from COVID-19, immunity to the coronavirus can last about 3 months to 5 years, research shows.
  • Because the length of immunity after developing COVID-19 or getting the vaccine is unknown, we need to continue practicing social distancing and wearing masks to stop the spread.

MYTH – COVID-19 causes variants.

FACT – The vaccine helps prevent new variants from emerging.

New variants occur because the virus is constantly changing through a natural on-going process of mutation. High vaccination coverage in a population reduces spread and helps prevent new variants from emerging.

MYTH – All adverse events reported are caused by the vaccines.

FACT – Anyone can report an event, even if unclear if it is due to the vaccines. Because of this, VAERS data alone cannot determine if the event was caused by a COVID-19 vaccine.

Some reports may contain information that is incomplete, inaccurate, confidential, or unverifiable. Vaccination safety experts study adverse events, and look for unusually high numbers of health problems or patterns after people have received a vaccine.

MYTH – The vaccines contain microchips.

FACT – Vaccines are developed to fight disease not to track your movement.

MYTH – The vaccine will make me sick.

FACT – COVID-19 vaccines teach our immune systems how to recognize and fight the virus that causes COVID-19.  Sometimes this process can cause symptoms, such as fever.  These symptoms are normal and are signs that the body is building protection against the virus.  

MYTH – The vaccine will affect my fertility.

FACT – No evidence is currently available that points to any vaccinations causing infertility in either males or females.

So, what do you believe?  Have you relaxed your standards of moving around in the world because mask mandates have been relaxed in certain places?  Or, are you continuing to practice social distancing and mask-wearing until we get a clearer picture of whether or not we are really out of the woods yet? 

18 thoughts on “Sometimes The Truth Is Uncomfortable but The Lies “Will” Hurt You… @JoyGerken @4WillsPub @4WP11 @RRBC_Org #RRBC #4WillsPub

  1. Dear Patty,

    So glad to read that you have been vaccinated.Now to respond to your sensible comments.

    I sincerely hope your daughter who still caught covid following the vaccine,did not suffer to badly.

    You are right about the vaccination protecting you,It also helps to protect others as you are less likely to contract the disease.Other precautions associated with vaccinations are distancing and mask wearing.

    In the U.K. the precautions have already ceased and the numbers are rising exponentially.Beware when your country reaches April 18th.

    I completely agree with your last statement; how foolish to sack care workers unwilling to be vaccinated when they are most needed.It also happened in the U.K. so we are led to believe.A crazy mandate indeed !

    Thank you for your considered comments.Much appreciated.

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  2. Hi, Joy. We got the J&J vaccine only because our daughter was an executive with them and assured us their standards were exemplary. I’m glad you’ve shared the data to support your stance and I love the motivation you all have to protect everyone around you. I do not argue with your love and care for others. Your logic seems right, but reality doesn’t always follow the logic.

    Another daughter wore a mask everywhere for those same reasons. She often lectured me about the importance of it. She was vaccinated and boosted, and she still got Covid.

    Vaccinated people are just as contagious as those who don’t get the vaccine, (according to the news reports on Main Stream Media) so you’re only protecting yourself from getting sicker if you should contract the disease. That’s reason enough, of course, but it has nothing to do with protecting others.

    The CDC has apparently decided that Covid will no longer be contagious on April 18, when they stop requiring masks for public transportation, including air travel.

    I’ve never objected to people wearing masks or getting vaccinated. My objections were to the mandates that REQUIRED vaccination in order to retain your job. It made no sense to fire needed health care workers who refused the vaccinations (and why would THEY of all people refuse such a safe preventative measure?), especially when the vaccinated were still spreading the virus and the workers were desperately needed? I believe it was in California where they asked Covid positive health care workers to come in to the hospitals to help out. Does that make sense?

    Thank you for sharing this, Joy.

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    1. Hi, Patty! I can’t remember where it was, but I do remember that they were asking COVID + workers to come in to work. I was floored!

      I speak for myself and myself only when I say that I don’t want COVID – not any variant, and not any degree of it. It terrifies me. The thought that my brain might somehow be impacted by a virus, no thank you, I’ll pass.

      I have been to the ER a few times since this all started, and before anyone touches me or walks into the room I’m in, I boldly and quickly ask, “Have you been vaccinated?” No one has ever told me NO, but if they had, I would have no problem asking them to leave and to send in someone who has been. That is my choice and I make no apologies for my choices, just as I don’t expect anyone else to apologize for theirs. I also will not walk into a doctor’s office right now if they are not required to wear masks. Again, my choices, although all of my doctors are requiring their staff to wear masks. My doctor got COVID, and she is fine and back to work now, but she has yet to see me in person… LOL! I’ve been seeing her virtually because I don’t want her to touch me right now… LOL! (I’m laughing as I type this because I tell her this every time I have a virtual appointment with her.)

      Yes, those who have been vaccinated can still get “it” – but in my mind, I’d prefer to take my chances with someone who has been vaccinated as opposed to someone who hasn’t been. Why? Because again, in my mind, someone who has been vaccinated is being more responsible in other ways as they move about the world in a pandemic.

      Personally, every child that I know of, and every school district that I’m aware of, only allows kids in schools when they have been vaccinated. Do we know how long they tested all those vaccines that they have been giving our kids for years? The very same ones they gave us as kids? Do we know what’s in them? No, I doubt that many of us do. But, we still ensure that our kids are vaccinated. It’s the same for colleges. My daughters had to have certain vaccines before they even enrolled into their colleges… personally, I appreciate that – just as I appreciate my daughters attending colleges where they don’t have open carry gun laws. (I suppose that’s another debate I’m stirring up… but, hey, it’s Friday… let’s go! LOL).

      With all that being said, I appreciate everyone who takes the time to chime in on these kinds of discussions. They keep us talking, and hopefully, on some level, they are keeping our minds open to sharing our differences, so that we’re able to continually train ourselves to respect the opinions of others… and I do believe that respecting the opinions of others is something many of us have to work at and learn. I love dialogue – if not for it, we’d all feel privileged and entitled enough to walk up on an international stage, with the world watching, and assault those who say things we don’t like.

      Keep the conversation flowing, my friends! I love it as I love each of you 🙂

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      1. Thank you Nonnie for this welcome piece.All opinions matter,Touching on the Oscars a little.The compare should not have insulted Will Smith’s wife the way he did.Neither should W.S. have acted the way he did.He now pays a high price for his actions.I too love dialogue and welcome everyone’s opinions.

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  3. Thank you Nonnie for your well chosen words. The text you share about putting others before self is undeniable.I am grateful for having the opportunity to voice my thought and beliefs on this platform.That is because of you help and advice.I am ever grateful for coming to learn about RRBC.

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  4. I have been vaccinated and protected further with a booster. Even so, I contracted a mild case of COVID in January, which has supplied me with a certain number of antibodies, I hope. Still, I try to eat healthily and take food supplements, (vitamins and minerals.)

    Yes, we must look out for one another. We are truly our brother’s and sister’s keeper. Great Job, Joy!

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    1. Thanks for stopping by Marian. There are so many questions about the disease and that goes with it.
      You are right in saying we must look after one another.Glad you appreciated the piece.You will have some antibodies from contrating a mild case of covid-19.Take care.Joy

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  5. Hi Joy–Thank you for presenting the factual information about vaccines. For anyone interested in seeing the actual data which was used to approve vaccines in the USA and Europe, it is publicly available online at the various health agencies (Food and Drug Administration, FDA Advisory Committee, and European Medicinal Agency). Health agencies collect safety data on an ongoing basis to make sure that there is not a significant safety signal.

    It is unfortunate that vaccines and mask-wearing became political issues. These are minor inconveniences to minimize the risks of getting severe Covid-19 and to assure public safety. The saying, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink,” has been true during this pandemic when a strong emotion overtakes reason.

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  6. I still wear a mask when I am around people in a closed environment. I intend to do this until there is a clear and concise directive that tells me that we no longer need to put on a mask.

    Thanks for sharing this sensible understanding of the virus.

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    1. Hi, Shirley! Although I’m still not leaving my house for anything other than doctor appointments, I put on a mask just as soon as I exit my car. All of my doctors’ offices are requiring their staff to wear masks, and that makes me extremely comfortable. I have only recently been tested for the first time for COVID 19 and that was because of a trip I had to the ER.

      Not one of us has contracted COVID – not my husband, not my kids, not my siblings, etc. We’re playing it safe. We all want to live, and I want us to live without having to suffer from what they are calling ‘long haul COVID.’ I can’t imagine having to deal with some of the things I’ve been hearing about, such as your memory being affected due to this virus.

      As if it could even be possible, after Phil Stephens shared with us how horrible it was for him to breathe when he had it, I am even more cautious. His story freaked me out. I can’t even wrap my mind around having to struggle to breathe.

      Continue to take care of you!

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      1. To add a little about what is going on in the U.K. The numbers of this milder form of the latest varient is playing havoc and spreading like wildfire.I know so many family members and friends who have it. I have just tested as I’m off to care for my sister who is so sick[not with covid] and need to ensure I don’t take it to her.My test was negative.

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      2. Nonnie, my dentist office’s excuse is “We can’t make people wear masks!” I said that I won’t be coming in until I can feel protected. All of your staff will be exposed to these people coming in unmasked. I won’t be sitting in a waiting room exposing myself and anyone I am close to. That’s how the virus spreads. If you own a business, you have the right to protect yourself and your staff and patients. I don’t get it.


  7. Hi, Joy! Thanks for presenting us with these facts! And yes, fiction and lies can hurt you, contrary to popular belief. Those who feel that wearing masks and having to social distance is infringing on their rights and freedoms, well, I feel that when they refuse to look out for their neighbors by doing what is best for the whole and not just the one, they are infringing upon my right to stay healthy and alive. A little discomfort now and we’ll all get to enjoy and get back to our normal lives soon enough.

    Think about the folks who have been displaced from Ukraine. Are they living comfortable lives right now as they are being bombed daily and have had to step over the dead bodies of their friends and loved ones just to get to safety? NOT AT ALL! But right now, they are looking out for one another; and for those who have dads and husbands who have been left behind to fight this war that was forced upon them, they are looking out for the whole… not just the one. They are fighting for their country and for the freedom for their children to all one day inhabit and reproduce in it. We should be that kind of people.

    This hangs over my desk to serve as a daily reminder for me:

    “To say you love others is one thing, but to actually love them is another thing altogether. To love others is to put them before yourself, to sacrifice, to not insist on your way, to not have to be heard all the time, and to give grace.”

    This is how I’m choosing to love my fellow man. I hope that one day we will all “decide” to love in this manner.

    Great post 🙂

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