…And Then I Went Shopping! @JoyGerken @4WillsPub @4WP11 @RRBC_Org

Hello, friends!  I’ve a little update to share.

I have just been to get my second COVID booster jab. The nurse who gave it to me was a colleague of mine in the Emergency department where we worked together some thirty years back.  She shared that I will be called again in the Autumn.  The government really is pushing forward to have a population resistant to the disease.

I was concerned that the dose given to me was not Pfizer pharmaceuticals, but Moderna Spikevax; with a name like that, one would be a little perturbed.

However, I have been assured that no data prevails to suggest that this drug does not work with other vaccines. Relieved at that news, I trotted off to do some shopping!

For your own confidence in the booster, I’ll share that the only discomfort I’ve experienced has been a slightly painful injection site.

Maybe we should expect to have these booster jabs for many years to come.  Hopefully, if we ever get to once-a-year inoculation, as with the flu vaccination, they will be given simultaneously!

Have you had a fourth booster yet?  I’d love to know!

13 thoughts on “…And Then I Went Shopping! @JoyGerken @4WillsPub @4WP11 @RRBC_Org

  1. I’m back with another comment, Joy.

    I’ve had both COVID vaccines and a booster. I also get a flu shot every year, and last year one for pneumonia, a killer at any age, but especially the elderly. Yes, how was your shopping spree?


  2. Shirley, I’m with you… each time I open my door, even to let in fresh air, I have a mask on. I don’t know what’s in the air. I don’t know if someone walked by my house and sneezed or coughed openly and whatever they have might still be floating in the air… I am protecting me. I see folks on television moving about without masks, and I am floored. I am particularly shocked that Biden and Harris are walking about without masks. Look at the outbreak that’s happening in Washington right now. But it’s not just Washington. Cases are rising again in many places. I saw Fauci on television the other day for the first time in ages. I knew something was going on when I saw him.

    I mean it when I say I’m not taking any chances… I don’t want COVID, not in any form, serious or mild.

    Take care!

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  3. Yay for you paying attention to your health. I have had a booster shot, but not the second dose. Since I’ve had a mild case of Covid this year, I hope I have antibodies to resist the disease. I do believe yearly inoculations help. Thanks for the update!

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  4. Hi, Nonnie; to answer your question of availability in the U.S. Yes it is available for use in the over 18 year olds,with the provision that they have had the initial two vaccines.


  5. Hi Nonnie,I don’t know the answer to spikevax only being available in the U.K. I will try to find out and let you know.
    The shopping spree was for food,no less.Friends for supper later in the day.


  6. I haven’t had one yet but will eventually. I still wear my mask but it seems like everybody else does not. I was out shopping so I was around people. Maybe they are vaccinated and maybe they’re not. I’m not going to take that risk unnecessarily for now.

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    1. Hi Shirley,good for you.I believe that we shall become accustomed to having annual vaccines to prevent covid 19, the same as with the flu.
      People over here are complacent about the disease now, because the rules have been considerably relaxed and we are told to use our own common sense about what we do to prevent it.
      I for one ; like you choose to continue to wear a mask and keep up to date with all the jabs on offer.
      Many don’t.


  7. Hi, Joy! Thanks for the update. This is the first I’ve heard of the spikevax. Is it only there in the UK? I haven’t had a booster yet, but just as soon as I get my phone call to do so, I’m there!

    So, how was your shopping spree?

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