A Tale of 3 #Kitties! @JoyGerken @RRBC_Org @4WillsPub @4WP11 #Cats #Kittens

Happy belated Easter to you all.

I am giving a little insight to my lovely furry friends

They are all rescue cats.

And all live under the same roof with hubby and me.

They range in age…

-eldest is Lucy, she is thirteen. Taken last Summer…


-Molly is nine. Shown here when she was a kitten…


-Lily is the youngest and she is seven. Taken 2 years ago.

2020-08-01 14.42.49

Look out for stories of these three and other kitties being written as children’s tales/tails.

Stay safe and well!

5 thoughts on “A Tale of 3 #Kitties! @JoyGerken @RRBC_Org @4WillsPub @4WP11 #Cats #Kittens

  1. Thanks Patty, we love all three so much.Yes, Lucy is such a charmer and wins the heart of any visitors.I would love a dog,but I don’t think the pussies would be pleased to have their wonderful lives disturbed.Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Hi, Joy! There was a time when I couldn’t even look at a cat but now that my daughter has a beautiful cat who keeps me entertained, I can look at and even comment on how cute your little darlings are.

    Can’t wait for your cat tales!

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    1. Thank you Nonnie.The stories are of these three and two others are actual happenings and full of fun for children.I suspect some adults will also enjoy the tails.[tales]


  3. I love how God gave us dogs and cats and other animals as interspecies buddies and family. And they are family, aren’t they? Your kitties are beautiful, Joy, and you must take excellent care of them, considering Lucy’s age and how well she looks in the photo. I look forward to your children’s books about your cat tails. Blessings!

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