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Here we are in the glorious month of sunny June, and we are celebrating Queen Elizabeth II, and her 70th year on the throne!  Who could have imagined that in the year of 2022, she would still be reigning over us, frail though she is?  But the years do take their toll on all of us.

The Brits love to celebrate, and we have many loyal royalists, so street parties were the order of the day from June 3rd through June 6th.

There are very few houses where we live – six, including ours. My husband decided that this year, we should hold a street party in celebration at our home – so we did!

I sent out invitations back in February. Everyone was excited and agreed to come. The entire block would be there with the exception of our nearest neighbours, who would be on their honeymoon in South Africa.

My stepdaughter who lives two doors away from us, was the stale wart girl she has always been.  She helped me tremendously with the preparations.

We spent an age buying, sorting, and giving instructions to the guests of what they were required to bring to the party.

The celebration was held in our garden, because as you can see from the pictures of the road with the tall trees lining the golf course, the street would have been unsuitable to use.

The big day arrived with black clouds threatening to bring a torrential storm.  Fortunately, it stayed away until the latter part of the day when the drizzle began to fall.

Most of the guests braved the cold temperatures outside.  It was 14 degrees C.  I managed to get a few of the menfolk into the lounge where great political conversation flew back and forth, with just a tiny bit of discord.  However, three brave souls remained outside in the drizzling rain for the duration of the party, culminating in a little too much imbibing.

All in all, a jolly time was had by everyone in attendance. Many of them suggesting more parties in the future.

Hopefully, next time it will be held in someone else’s home.

Enjoy the photos!

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