Rest In Peace, Our Queen @JoyGerken @RRBC_Org @4WillsPub @4WP11

I wanted to share with my American friends at RRBC, my deep sadness of the death of our Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, on 8th September 2022.

An early memory that I have of this splendid lady, was when as a schoolgirl, aged eight years old, we were all marched up to a street in Folkestone, to see the Queen returning from a trip abroad, by boat.

 As she sat in her open carriage waving to us kids, I well recall how beautiful this young woman looked with her perfectly applied make-up and lustrous outfit. I cannot remember who was with her.

In later life, I was asked if I would be prepared to go to one of the Royal Garden parties, held each year for those who had given service to the community. It was my nursing role that would have afforded me this honour. I went through the vetting process; did I have any I.R.A. connections, and other pertinent questions were asked.

 I always maintained that I was paid for the job I performed, therefore, I was no more deserving than the next individual who also served others. Anyway, I purchased an outfit in readiness for the trip – one that I can still get into thirty years later. In the end, I was not to be the nurse selected to go to Buckingham Palace.

I did not mind as I was delighted for the girl who was chosen.  She was a close colleague of mine.

Tonight, I think about how much I would have loved to have seen this amazing Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother and our Queen, up close.


Joy G.


13 thoughts on “Rest In Peace, Our Queen @JoyGerken @RRBC_Org @4WillsPub @4WP11

  1. Hi,
    I admired Queen Elizabeth because the situations she went through forced her to change her ways of living, her thinking about others and how she reacted to others. She wasn’t afraid to grow.
    She was indeed a great lady and her quiet way representing the United Kingdom was extraordinary. My heart goes out to you, Joy. I can imagine how you’re feeling right now.

    My prayers also go out to the royal family and the people of the United Kingdom. It will take some time to realize that she is no longer there. She will be missed.

    Rest in Peace – H.R.H Queen Elizabeth

    Shalom aleichem

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  2. Joy, my heart aches for you and the people of Great Britain. I’ve always admired Queen Elizabeth, who became Queen at such a young age and served her people with grace and honor for most of her life. I admire her for her service as a mechanic during WWII, while she was still a princess. She was a priceless treasure. I love your account of this memory. Thanks for sharing it.

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    1. Thanks Patty, It’s a time of great sadness in the U.K. and around the world. It was of course to be expected, however came as such a shock because only two days earlier she said goodbye to Boris Johnson and welcomed Liz,Truss our new Prime Minister.


  3. I was sad to hear of her passing. Under constant scrutiny for seventy years, the Queen was always gracious and always proper. She loved her dogs and her horses and had no problem letting it be known. I am glad she lived to see her Platinum Jubilee. I will miss her.

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