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One of my readers recently shared an article written by Janille Griffiths, in response to my farewell post to Queen Elizabeth.   I thought I’d share my response in the form of a blog post, in hopes of enlightening others, as well.

Uji Anya, Assistant Professor of Language Acquisition at Carnegie Mellow University tweeted, “If anyone expects me to express anything but disdain for the Monarch who supervised a government that sponsored the genocide that massacred and displaced half my family, and the consequences of which those alive today are still trying to overcome, you can keep wishing upon a star.”

She garnered many likes for this tweet.

She obviously has reason to feel the anger that she shared.

Perhaps we need to consider the words of Mathew Smith’s message that people are not thinking specifically about Queen Elizabeth, but rather the British Monarchy as an institution, and the relationship of the monarchy to systems of oppression, repression, and forced labour – particularly African exploitation of natural resources and forcing systems of control in these places. People are responding to a system existing beyond the Queen herself.

Great Britain has little to be proud of in regard to that of colonialism and the shocking treatment of slaves from the Caribbean and further afield.

Consider that Barbados recently removed the Queen as their head of state, and others are certain to follow.

I shall finish by saying that many countries fail in having an exemplary history when it comes to their treatment of certain people.  Let us hope that as the years have changed and brought forth more acceptance for those who are considered different, that these countries are continuing to change for the better, as well.

What are your personal feelings and thoughts on Queen Elizabeth and the British Monarchy?  Do you feel as strongly as the person who shared her feelings in the tweet I mentioned above?  If so, why?


33 thoughts on “In response to my farewell post to Queen Elizabeth @JoyGerken @RRBC_Org @4WillsPub @4WP11

  1. Joy, how in the world could Meghan have stood up to the campaign of hate brought by the media and the palace. Why did they abruptly leave town? Their son was put in harms way and there was a target on their backs when security was pulled by Charles. I don’t understand how she and Harry stood a chance. And there is more.


    1. Hi, Shirley, I know nothing of a campaign of hate against Megan and Harry. But the press do have so much to answer for . They hounded poor Princess Diana,but did leave her boys alone when they were specifically asked to do so.
      Or so we are led to believe. I have long given up believing in what the press writes.
      I would have thought that Megan was used to the lime light being a famed U.S. actress.
      They were both popular with the Brits. until they left the family and the country. I believe that to be the reason she is now unpopular.
      No one knows the real reason they left town and I doubt we ever will, however I believe he has written a book so maybe we shall find out more of the truth of it all then.When royals relinquish their duties to the people, they will always have their secuity taken away.

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      1. Hi, Joy! I know you left this comment for Shirley, but there is no way that I can sit still and not correct some of your statements. I will accept when you say “you KNOW nothing of a campaign of hate against Megan and Harry,” because I can’t speak to what you know or don’t know. But, if you don’t know, let me tell you… ANYBODY from anywhere in the world who is paying attention to the drama still playing out in the UK regarding Megan, can clearly see that there are many hate campaigns still brewing in the UK against her (not Harry.)

        Anybody reading the papers or listening to the news will be able to instantly point their finger at the obvious hate against her. And let’s be honest, we all know why they hate her – they hate her because she is a woman of color who married a white man, and to make that even worse, that white man was a Prince. PERIOD. They hate her even more because she is a woman of color who married a white man (a Prince) who fell so in love with her that he gave up his family and moved to another country so that his family would be safe from their hatred.

        Princess Diana was beloved when she was alive and still is by so many, myself included. They hounded Diana and drove her to her death for reasons very different from what Megan experienced.

        They didn’t start disliking Megan when she left the UK – she left the UK because their hatred of her had become unbearable. You say no one knows the real reason they left? Joy, there are worlds upon worlds of people who know why they left – it is clear to a blind man why they left. That’s how clear the reason is, and we don’t need Harry to write a book to tell us that, although his book will tell us just that.

        I’m not sharing what I think or what I feel – everything I’ve shared is FACT. I am an intelligent, clear-thinking, level-headed individual who relies, not upon opinion, but on what my eyes can see and my ears can hear. The only place in my life where this doesn’t apply, is my faith in God.

        I like to assist people in seeing things about themselves that they might not recognize otherwise. If you don’t feel that Megan was bullied, vilified, and faced so much hatred while in the UK, then Joy, I’m sad to say, maybe you are a part of that group who never gave her a chance.

        Have a great weekend, Joy!


        1. For Shirley and Nonnie, firstly let’s clarify the statement about me being ‘part of that group who never gave her a chance.’
          Suffice it to say I find bullying, rascism and the vilification of anybody aborant, always have done and always will. I spent my career working alonside those of colour,who become my friends to this day. I dated boys of colour in the day. We have a lady of colour living with us in our home right now.
          My career allowed me to be part of a team to whom others came if they were experiencing bullying or mal – treatment of any kind.
          Nonnie, you know me well enough to know that what is described isn’t me.

          The reason I know little of the vitriol towards Magan is that we do not read the tabloids or the broadsheets in our home; as peviously expressed the press can be dispicable. We gain world affairs knowledge through the BBC news every day and I have to say very little is mentioned of about Harry and Megan. When they came back for the funeral the words spoken were kind and decent.

          I did know about the loss of her baby, such a dreadful event for any parent to bare.I did not know she was close to a breakdown,unsurprising after such loss.

          I shall make it my business to find out more of the campaign of hate against Megan.


      2. Hi Joy. Like Nonnie I too am puzzled that you know nothing of the campaign of hate against Meghan. Just Google her name and you might be shocked. I was horrified at the level of hate and vitriol against her. Did you know about the miscarriage she had? If you don’t know these things then the trashy tabloids have done their job. She almost suffered a mental breakdown behind it. Harry took his family out of that toxic environment. She was used to the limelight, even racism, but not on this level where they wanted her dead. Those are strong words but so true.

        I am so disappointed in the British press and the American press for turning a blind eye to what was going on.

        Because of this I would never set foot in the UK. I’m sorry Joy, to have to have to be the bearer of bad news. The sad part about all of it is that they are still at it. It breaks my heart Harry and Meghan.


      3. Joy I love you but I’m tired of the rhetoric that they relinquished ther duties. They were bullied and run out of England and Charles took their security while they were running for their lives. Harry made the decision to protect his wife and child. They left him no choice.

        Think about it Joy. Does these actions look like the kind of actions Harry would take? Just up and leave town as popular as he was? Think about it and it should at least get you to thinking. So yes, the press is very deceptive. They control the narrative.


  2. I personally mourned the death of Queen Elizabeth as someone who took on the difficult role of changing the role of the monarchy in modern-day Britain. I felt the comments directed at the queen by Uji Anya were inappropriate during the time of grieving.

    The issues of genocide, slavery, and oppression have occurred throughout history and continue today under various forms of government. Mark Twain said, “History never repeats itself, but it does often rhyme.” We should listen closely to the voices of the past and avoid replaying the discordant chords that could lead us into war and division. We all need to self-reflect and be educated on what constitutes racism, misogyny, and religious persecution so we can alter the dark history of mankind.

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    1. Linnea when will it ever be appropriate to dress someone down? It doesn’t seem to ever bother anyone that the pain that people like Uji Anya has endured will stay with them forever. This is not something that can be done at the correct time. So please keep that in mind when making statements and try to see it from the one who is hurting. Let’s not ever mainstream atrocities.


    2. Linnea, I will never be so bold as to tell someone else how they should feel or how they should express those feelings. When you have never experienced someone else’s pain, you have no understanding of how deep that pain is; how bad it makes them feel; the demons they struggle with to get past that pain, and what that pain makes them do. But I am curious, would it be inappropriate for someone who was physically assaulted (raped), to publicly express their anger towards the person who assaulted them in the same manner as the Professor did? Even in the midst of the assaulter’s passing?

      Because I don’t seek anyone’s approval in any area of my life, I tend to express myself openly and in my true feelings – there are some (child molesters, people who abuse the elderly, rapists, racists who hurt and kill based on the color of someone’s skin) I feel should be run over by a train while I’m watching. The difference between me and the next person, is that I have no problem being honest publicly about how I feel, whereas others will feel the exact same way as I do, privately carry the weight of those feelings on their shoulders for years, and then take those feelings to their grave. “Not I,” said the cat.

      As I said before, I would not have made the comment about the Queen, but my experiences have not been the same as the Professor’s. Had they been aligned with hers, my comment would have been worse.

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  3. Joy my thinking on that woman is this – I can relate to how she feels. She’s speaking what’s in her heart. The monarchy still can’t seem to help itself. The it continues to go after a woman of color married into the royal family. Are they trying to annihilate themselves?

    They couldn’t even concentrate on honoring the queen. They made it about Prince Harry and the Duchess.

    So I find that woman’s remarks about what that institution did to her family quite credible.

    I hope somebody learns from this or I fear the crown will be lost.

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    1. Hi Shirley, thanks for dropping by and for your comments. Can you clear up one point for me.When you say ‘They couldn’t even concentrate on honouring the queen’ do you mean the press ?
      I agree totally about how Uji feels,we all would feel the same had it been our family.
      There is is always the possibility that we could loose the crown and the royals are aware of this. However, the young, yet to be King and Queen are extremely popular over here.


      1. I was talking about the press Joy, and the Royal Family who gives the ok to trash the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. They are all in it together. Charles wants them for the PR and wants to get rid of them because of the PR that follows them.

        As far as the young soon to be king and queen, well I have to pause when you say they are extremely popular. Maybe they are, but I don’t see it. They were equally responsible for their sister-in-law’s situation. Charles as well and the queen. They could have put a stop to what was going on, but jealousy has a way of blinding one to the truth. The country is in trouble. People are starving and no one in the royal family will be popular as long as people are hurting. But that’s my opinion looking at it from the outside.

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        1. Hi ,Shirley,

          I was talking about William and Kate. just to clarify. The younger royals are definitely popular over here. We shall have to see what comes of Charles and Camilla as King and Queen consol.


  4. First, even though this isn’t my blog, I’d like to thank those of you who dropped by and gave Joy’s post more than just a nod in passing – thanks for engaging with this post. This isn’t a discussion that doesn’t involve you, and you, and you way over there in the corner. If you think this discussion doesn’t involve you, then you are part of the problem.

    I love lively discussions! I love discussions where we are all being honest and transparent, and I even love those discussions where we’re not all agreeing with each other. Why? Because even in our (respectful but sometimes passionate) discussions, at least we’re laying everything out on the table and we’re TALKING.

    The problem with today’s society is that everyone (well… not me) is trying to be ‘politically correct’ – everyone walks around with their feelings bottled up, too afraid to say what they really feel because of whose feelings their truths might hurt or make uncomfortable. (Y’all need to stop being such delicate little flowers and get comfortable with making folks uncomfortable when it comes to the business of the truth). I say screw everyone’s feelings (yes, I just said that) when it comes to you standing, walking, and living in YOUR TRUTH! Yes, YOUR TRUTH! Not someone else’s.

    When you stand, walk, and live in YOUR TRUTH, you don’t have to be nasty or rude or anything like that… you simply need to have the strength and backbone to say what’s on your mind – to say what you really feel and go against the consensus – to not be afraid to sit your rump (as my grandmother would say) on an island all by yourself, twiddling your thumbs. (Did I just use the word rump? I have never used that word before! There goes my passion coming out!) And, although you might be alone on that island, you will have spoken YOUR TRUTH! You would have your “peace” of mind, and your mental health would be intact. That’s why so many are suffering with mental health issues today. Y’all are too busy worrying about what others think of you and trying to please the world. Honey, Nonnie is trying to please Nonnie and God Almighty. Everyone else be damned when it comes to me standing, walking, and living in MY TRUTH! (You already know that applies to my writing HONEST reviews, as well… since we’re traveling down the road of truth right now).

    Some of you need to stop running from these kinds of conversations. As soon as you hear anything close to sounding like “race…” you turn your heads, scurry away, and run inside and close your blinds! Racism is not a them vs us issue. Racism is an EVERYBODY issue. And just like Mamie Till, mother of the slaughtered 14-year-old, Emmett Till (who was so badly beaten when he was killed on August 28, 1955, he was unrecognizable) said in the highly anticipated upcoming film, “T I L L “…

    “What happens to any of us anywhere in the world, had better become the business of us all!”

    (Mic drop)

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    1. Thank you, Nonnie for your bold approach to remind us all that honesty and the speaking of minds is all important.
      Racism still exists, sadly we all need to try to educate people to say what they really feel and not pussy foot around the subject matter. The royals will always cause people to complain. The reason being their wealth and what some perceive as money for nothing. Particularly with the hardship experienced by many right now.
      Some royals work hard; others are known as the ‘hangers on’.
      Everyone has an opinion and that is a good thing. A pity that those opinions are not expressed in the way that Uri Anya has.


  5. What a can of worms, Pandora’s Box, conundrum this all is. None of us is ignorant to what the hierarchy stands for. The Queen was a beautiful illusion as is the entire Royal family. Since childhood, we’ve loved the idea of the prince, princess, Queen and King.

    But I’m sure there are black and brown people as well as poor, non-colored people who, while they mourn the Queen’s passing, see the underlying state of racism that plagues most countries that are majority white, including America. Meghan Markle didn’t stand a chance and there’s not much Charles, William, and Harry can do to change things. Change lies in the hands of the citizens of all these countries who must rise up, vote, stand together, and send a message that we are tired and we aren’t going to take it anymore.

    When I mourned with you at the Queen’s passing, Joy. I was sincere. But, since you ask the question, I am compelled to give my opinion on what Janille Griffith writes.

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    1. Thank you for the comments Linda. I understand your erudite words and agree to some extent.
      I do not think that Megan Markle did not stand a chance. She did, and was in THE PRIVILEDGED position where she could have really made a difference to the royals.
      None of us will ever know the truth about what happened. It was sad that Harry and she choose to leave the nest. With her acting experience and fame she could have had the world at her feet.
      Unfortunately [and I don’t believe it is to do with her colour] she is unpopular in the U.K. possibly because of jumping ship.

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      1. People don’t jump ship, most times, unless the ship is sinking, Joy! I liked the Queen and I will miss the pomp and circumstance she brought. With Diana, Meghan, and now the Queen gone I wonder if Kate is vivacious enough to bring it.

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        1. Kate is proving popular and appears to be doing a good deal for charity and the health and happiness for children.The royals will always be in a position to be critized. And I welcome the fact that we are all in a free world where we can speak our minds.How lucky are we!!!


  6. I, like many, adored what I “saw” coming from Queen Elizabeth. But, all I really knew of her, was again, what I saw and heard. And although I did find that there were some things she tried to do right, I feel that she could have done more when it came to the situation involving my dearest #Harry&Megan. Do I feel she turned a blind eye to the racism that we all know ran rampant there when Prince Archie was born? Yes, I do.

    Again, like many, I became a royal watcher when Princess Diana entered the family. I adored her as she stood out from the others and appeared relatable and regular as some might say. I, too, like so many others around the world, felt the pain and loss of her passing. I felt for her sons who she tried so hard to bring up in a “normal” manner, although there was nothing normal about the family or the situation they were born into. Princess Diana was most beloved. I still think of her, and how saddened she would be with the state of her sons’ relationship.

    But, since the Queen’s passing, I have heard so many folks of color speak out (in not-so-glowing-terms) against her and what they felt she stood for. The View’s, Sonny Hostin is adamant when she says, “She [Queen Elizabeth] wore a crown with pillaged stones from India and Africa. And now what you’re seeing, at least in the black communities that I’m a part of… they want reparations.” And, although Professor Uju Anya’s response might have been offensive to some (“I heard the chief monarch of a thieving raping genocidal empire is finally dying. May her pain be excruciating”), it is the way she felt coming from where she came from. Because we disagree with them, we don’t get to tell folks how they should feel or how long they should feel what they feel. That’s just not our place.

    I’m going to say this, I liked Queen Elizabeth and her story, from beginning to end, but she was not “MY” Queen. I only have one ruler in my world, and it’s a King, and He is my Heavenly Father. I will bow to no one else.

    That being said, if we aren’t “of color” – meaning we are white, we cannot, and we must not EVER discount the feelings of those who are – of those who feel they, or their ancestors, have suffered under this Queen’s reign – because even if she wasn’t “the” establishment, she had a lot of power in it. So, we cannot and we should not try and deflect by saying that ‘many countries treated people [of color] poorly… not just mine.’ Even though we might not have had a hand in that poor treatment of black and brown people, in no way should we EVER try and defend or justify what our ancestors did, in our speech or in our actions. But what we should ALWAYS do, is show empathy for the people of color whose ancestors were enslaved, raped, beaten, sold like goods, and had every other disdainful action imaginable laid in their laps.

    What we should do, is try to put ourselves in the shoes of black and brown people. Try to walk one day in those shoes. Let’s see then how we would feel if we heard someone try and defend the way Queen Elizabeth – who, whether right or wrong in their eyes, was responsible, either directly or indirectly, for the mistreatment of their ancestors.

    Thanks for this thought-provoking post, Joy, that yields opportunity for deeper discussion 🙂

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  7. Hi Joy,
    When I look at our planet earth, I can honestly say that there has not been an age (an age is a thousand years) where nations haven’t been conquering and exploiting other nations and sending people into slavery. I am an African American who has no idea of where my roots lie because my family was taken from whichever African country they came out of and were sold as slaves in the United States of America. They were taken by the British and shipped over in ships that not even animals would want to live in. However, many of them were sold to the British by their own tribesmen in Africa.
    I began searching for my ancestors, some time ago, but decided not to continue because I couldn’t find any clues. Besides, I found a better solution. Instead of bitterness, I chose to forgive and love. Yes, those are Christian values, but I am a Christian and these values mean a lot to me because they freed me from constant pain and bitterness.
    Also, when I look at the USA, France, The Netherlands, Russia, Austria, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries that I won’t list here, I see people that have been deported, enslaved, raped, whipped, and killed. So the problem of taking advantage of the different minorities show the arrogance and greed of any nation that thinks they are better than anyone else. That is a problem that runs constantly throughout the strand of the entire human race, since mankind has existed.
    I very well understand Uji Anya hurts and pain, but holding these pains within doesn’t help us build a bridge to humanity.
    As for Queen Elizabeth, the quest for freedom didn’t start with her and it will not end with her. I admire her for the things that she stood up for and tried to change.
    But the quest goes on.
    As long as people are treated like animals, as long as dictators deny the human masses the right to think for themselves, as long as justice is based on how much money you have and/or the colour of your skin, and as long as people are refused the education they need, to be whatever their hearts desire, we will continue to have slavery triumphing in this world, restricting the right that all people were created equal and that the right to freedom is an inalienable right that no one is permitted to take away.

    Shalom aleichem

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  8. I hear the indignation in the voice of Professor Anya, and from the history she recounts, she appears to be justified. As I review American history in a similar way, I am not proud of our early treatment of native American Indians.

    Because I do not live under the British crown, I don’t feel as strongly as does the person who tweeted. The Windsor family does provide pageantry. Billions of people tuned in for Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, and like me, they obviously find he family’s shenanigans entertaining too. But is the monarchy essential? I’m not so sure. Britain has its Prime Minister and Parliament, roughly comparable to our President and Congress.

    From my viewpoint, the monarchy has its uses, particularly in charity work. I did not think very highly of the former Prince Charles, who has ascended to the throne as king now. However, I saw a documentary which pointed out his enormous contribution to the people of Cornwall, which gave me pause.

    My conclusion: The Queen herself was admirable. The monarchy itself, not so sure.

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    1. Thank you for commenting Marian.It’s our heritage, It brings a degree of prosperity to the U.K. as many visitors are received annually in the hope of glimpsing the royals, visiting the palace and who could not admire the pagentry the Brits. display at appropriate ceremonies.
      I was particularly moved by the Queen’s coffin being hand pulled by new male recruits to the Royal Navy on the day of her funeral. A special moment in our history, don’t you think.


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