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I didn’t intend for my story to be a series. I’d read the stats about wider sales, greater interest, etc. when an author writes a series, but I didn’t think along those lines until I’d finished editing the last chapter. Suddenly, I was thrilled. This was a sexy, intriguing mystery and I could end it in such a way that it could be the beginning of a series.

You don’t know (well, you probably do) the times that I’ve had to say goodbye to characters I absolutely loved. The author had made them smart, good-looking, cool, compassionate people who I’d invested time in and who I considered friends. I could see the pages spiraling toward the end, and I wanted more time with them. Imagine my glee when I turned the final page and found the link to Book Two. The story continues!

There’s something awfully important that anyone writing a series should do. Always, always, always have book two ready, or close to ready, before you publish book one. I failed to do that and lost a lot of readers and momentum for book number two. Readers always want more of a good thriller or they want the next installment in your series.

While I didn’t write a series, I did just release The Legend of Ethni LeDoux, The Beginning, an installment that takes place before THE NEON HOUSES. It features Ethni Ledoux.



What would you do if you were the daughter of a cult hero who boasted a past full of exciting, colorful exploits?

Suppose the thing that made your mother a cult hero was also inside you.

Now, imagine spending your whole life trying to hide it—until you shared the heart stopping death of someone close to you.
Supposed that death brought you face to face with the gift of the neon houses.

New Chicago and its neighboring town, The Southland, are vastly different worlds in circa 2087, but Dr. Noel Kennedy is an expert at navigating both worlds. As the Deputy Chief of Schools in The Southland, Noel has perfected being a solid, middle-class citizen. Not even her husband, Fredrick Kennedy, truly understands what she is.

When Zarah Fisher, Noel’s young protégé, is murdered on a deserted street in The Southland, Noel knows the exact moment Zarah takes her last breath. Though miles away, Noel feels the girl’s terror, and hears her anguished screams inside her own head because of an inheritance that has left her with extraordinary gifts.

Can Noel find justice for Zarah without risking it all?

Murder, mayhem, and suspense abound in this action packed page-turner. More than a mystery, The Neon Houses thrills the reader with scenes of a futuristic 2087. Autoplanes, body planes, and flying buses are the norm. Robots and androids cook, clean, and serve the affluent, while dystopia lurks just around the corner.

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LINDA MIMS is a writer, a dreamer, and an educator, who hails from a quiet village just south of Chicago. Her stories are mainly about urban characters who are engaged in mystery and mysticism. Her hope is that while entertaining and informing, she’s also sending the message that humans aren’t that different and all each of us want is a better world.


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A Terrible Day in Casualty @JoyGerken @RRBC_Org @4WillsPub @4WP11

On one unusually quiet Sunday afternoon, as a newly trained staff nurse, I, along with a group of other nurses and docs were sitting, chatting away about nothing in particular.  As time went on, I heard a distraught voice call out for help.  At that time, it seemed that all my colleagues had disappeared on tea, smoke, or toilet breaks, so I was all alone.

I rushed to the open door to find a mother walking alongside her child, who appeared to have one end of a red oil can sticking in his neck/throat, while the other end was sticking out of his head.  While I ushered them on deeper into the hospital lobby, the mother began explaining that the child had been running with the can in his hand, when he fell – the spout went in one end of his neck and straight through his head and out onto his skull.

I shouted to the mother to stand still with her child, while I rushed to fetch a wheelchair, then sat the mother down in it, with her child on her lap. The little one was fully conscious and whimpering, but amazingly, appeared not to be in too much pain.

Within what seemed like moments, the casualty department filled with consultant pediatricians, anesthetists, doctors, nurses, Uncle Tom Colby, and all.

The child went speedily into theatre (surgery), had the item removed, and was put on strong antibiotics.

At the end of that shift, I went home and poured myself a large brandy.

Later, I heard from a colleague who worked on the kids’ ward of the hospital, that every major blood vessel had been missed during the child’s fall, except for one small vessel that had been damaged.  His hospital stay lasted only about 4 days.

Someone was really looking down on that family, that day.