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Pussy Cats are always looking for something to pounce on. They seem to be on an endless quest of adventure. But do we remember how their quest began? From the most gentle to the most fearless, you will read the life stories of a few pussy cats who found their forever home and, with their unique personalities, made a name for themselves.



Spy & Villain by Joy M. Lilley

A physically handicapped lady, thinks she sees dastardly goings on in the house opposite to where she lives

She is convinced that the woman opposite is being abused.

A Christian theme runs through this story of a spy, the lady in the wheelchair who spends much of her time looking at others through her window and when out of her house.

The story take a dramatic turn when she is proved to be right. And becomes a friend of the abused woman.




This story tells of a mother and daughter, eight-year-old Judy, left to fend for themselves after the father is killed in WW2.
Life was hard in those post war years and mother was forced into finding unsavory ways for their survival.
They were living in Switzerland, a place Judy loved with the mountains and meadows allowing the freedom she and her mother craved.
The clouds theme runs throughout the story depicting the various moods of their journey to a better and safer life.




The year is 1888, and eight-year-old Isabella (Issy) Merryweather lives a comfortable life in Cobnut Hall, Derby. Even at this tender age, her thoughts are focused on those less fortunate than herself, and she dreams of one day growing up to serve that population of people.

Sharing carefree summers with her brother, Clarence, her beloved dog, Molly, and cherished Grandma Ella, she enjoys the freedom of childhood innocence. But, as she comes of age, a move to Kent changes her life forever
When Isabella meets Terence, a captivating boy from a poor background, an inseparable bond is formed in secret. But, after a heartbreaking turn of events, Isabella wonders how long secrets can stay secret before they reveal themselves?

This moving tale of love, loss, resilience, and redemption at the turn of the nineteenth century, is one that will linger in the minds of those who choose to ignore the hands of time and remain young at heart… always.




This story written by the protagonist’s niece is an insight to a lady with little education or hope of achievements and success in her life. However, she bucked the trend and achieved much in life. Her family loved her dearly and cared about her right up to the last. She achieved more in becoming a constant winner of bowls tournaments, a game she dearly loved. She also won the hearts and minds of many celebrities in the forties, when she worked at the famous Pinewood Film studios in Britain. Many gave her their signed black and white photographs. Auntie Peggy was an engaging character to most and an adversary to a few. As you turn the pages you will be laughing and crying at some events of this intrepid lady’s life.



Strawberry Moon by Joy M. Lilley
The Patterson family leaves the U.K. to begin a new life in France. St Severin, in the Dordogne, provides the backdrop for the family’s new home and all of the life-changing obstacles they are about to encounter. Maisie, who is almost seventeen, narrates this unpredictable story. Maisie struggles as she experiences the changes of coming of age, the pain of loss, and the rollercoaster ride of competing love interests. Maisie’s older brother, Dan, rebels over the move and frequently threatens to return to England when his studies are over. Dan starts an affair with a married French woman. After a few months in France, he goes missing which begins to unravel the family. What starts as an exciting move becomes more difficult with each passing chapter. Maisie is left navigating this complicated new world, all while trying to plan the rest of her adult life.



Gloria Harris is born in Market Harborough in the United Kingdom, in 1922. She spends the first few years of life living with her parents and grandfather. Her siblings, an older sister and twin brothers, also share the household. The relationship between Gloria and her mother is strained much of the time.

The early days of her life are spent in considerable poverty, so much so that Gloria and her sister are sent away to Northern Ireland to be with their aunt and uncle, who are more affluent than their parents, due to the improving circumstances for the farming community in Ireland. Her aunt and uncle have a smallholding, and keep a few animals and poultry that provide them with eggs and milk: the land produces enough fresh vegetables for themselves and for sale at the local market. Gloria and her sister Ann are made to work hard during this time, helping out on the farm and with the household chores. Their aunt and uncle have no children and are not particularly kind to the girls. The sisters have to stay in Ireland much longer than they had been led to believe they would, and it is several years before they come home.

On their return to Market Harborough they discover that their brothers have both been in considerable trouble, one having made a girl pregnant and the other having stolen from his employer. Gloria realises that these circumstances were part of the reason why the girls had to stay away for so long… (Read more on Amazon)




Jenny is working as a nurse, when she meets Seb. She is a young woman, living with her mother and has had a strict religious upbringing. Seb is a handsome, successful surgical registrar and Jenny is incapable of resisting his charms. They fall in love, buy a flat and move in together, against Jenny’s mother’s wishes. Then one day, Seb confesses to Jenny that he is already married with two young boys. Can a heartbroken Jenny pick up the pieces of her life? “I could see she was pleased that I had found myself a boyfriend who was a doctor, but knowing my mother, I think she would have been far happier if his skin had been white.”




Moyra returns from the United States of America feeling down and unfulfilled.
She had failed in her quest to find the celebrity she briefly met the year before.
A bad accident gave her plenty of time to consider her future, she was now sixty years old and had no wish to spend the rest of her life alone.
She enrolls with a dance studio for two reasons, to help strengthen the badly damaged leg attained in the accident and in the hopes of meeting a partner to share the rest of her life with.
Here she meets a man and a romance begins, unfortunately with dire consequences, taking us somewhere towards the end.


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