Meet #Author, Joy M. Lilley @JoyGerken @RRBC_Org #RRBC

Award-winning author, Joy M. Lilley (aka Joy Gerken) resides in Kent, the garden of England, and is a proud grandmother of 6. Joy’s passion for the arts began while working as a nurse. As an accomplished nurse at the Royal Victoria Hospital, she instinctively adapted to the role of Artistic Director, to direct annual performances that raised money for the hospital’s charities. Later she would earn a senior trust position at NHS, where she oversaw and helped implement new medical technologies, methods, and procedures. After a successful career in helping to heal the sick, Joy is now a full-time writer and voice actress. Her voice has marketed products in commercials and advertisements; in addition, she is an excellent narrator.

To learn about Joy’s collection of published books, please click HERE.

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44 thoughts on “Meet #Author, Joy M. Lilley @JoyGerken @RRBC_Org #RRBC

  1. Hi Joy! It’s always a surprise to learn new things about our members. You are no exception. You truly are surprising me. Congrats.


  2. Joy, I enjoyed visiting your lovely site and have followed. Have to mention that I love the cover to your book My Aunt Peggy, as it takes me back to times, as a young child, watching my favorite aunt at her vanity table as she explained all the mysterious potions and lotions to me. It’s on my “tbr” for sure. Good luck with your blog and all your books!

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    1. I must be honest and say I hesitated Phil,as it costs.However I thought to myself, ‘ONE MUST SPECULATE TO ACCUMULATE.’ and then I took the plunge.To date Nonnie and team have been marvellous creating and maintaining it for me !!!


  3. Congratulations on launching your website with blog posts that are sure to please. Having blogged for over 9 years, I can assure you that blogging is rewarding. My blog is eclectic, so it gives me license to post serious and literary topics but also the comical, like this week when I admitted to subscribing to the Hustler TV channel, by mistake, of course.

    Best wishes on your journey here–AND with your new book, which I’ve downloaded and plan to begin reading this weekend. (By the way, you have the perfect name with a perfect title!) 😀


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